Effective searches keep in mind the motivations and perspectives of those who gather, organize and “publish” the data or information being sought. Traditional library catalogs provided access to library collections by author name, title of the item, and subject terms based on a structured terminology. Many electronic databases continue to rely on carefully defined file structures and a wide variety of search indexes.

Contemporary internet “search engines” combine a number of sophisticated technologies to generate results for search queries. If the content has been published on the internet, the result might ultimately be the electronic analog of a published article or book chapter. Often times the “result” is a link to something contained within a “pay per view” or “pay by subscription” commercial database.

The “drop down links” beneath this head [Databases  : Library Catalog, etc. : Search Our FLICKR photostream : Search This Web Site] point to different categories of searchable content.

In addition to an index to community resources and local news articles, the Catalog “drop down section” contains a second instance of these two:
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